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Our Story: Celebrating 80 Years of Success

It was June 2, 1937, when 8 men took it upon themselves to open up a credit union that would serve the financial needs of those employed for the Radford Foundry. This credit union came to be known as the Radford Pipe Shop Credit Union. Throughout the years, this credit union has seen many ups and downs. Even through harsh economical times for our country, such as the Great Depression, the Radford Pipe Shop Credit Union thrived and survived.

Now it's 2017, and many things have changed for us. We have changed our name to 1st New River Valley Federal Credit Union (1st NRV FCU), we now have an extended field of membership, and we have grown a staggering amount since our creation in 1937. After 80 years 1st NRV FCU is still going stronger than ever. We look to the future and are excited for the growth it will bring, but we are also striving to maintain the standards and the mentality of those 8 men who first decided to open this credit union.

In cele
bration of this 80 year milestone that 1st NRV FCU has reached, we will be holding 80 days of events, free food, and prize giveaways! So make sure to stay tuned to our webpage, social media, or reach out to us at 1st NRV FCU for more details. We are excited to have the opportunity to celebrate with all of you for this massive achievement, and we can't wait to give back to you all starting this May 5th for our Kickoff Event Cookout! Make sure to come down for free food, drinks, fun with friends, and the chance to win prizes!

ALSO, stay tuned to our Social Media and our main Webpage for special limited time offers and discounts on our products and services for the year of 2017!

Spring Newsletter 2017


Free Membership for 2017!

 Make sure to let your friends and family know that 1st NRV will be waiving the $5.00 membership fee for the remainder of 2017. You will still be required to meet the $5.00 minimum balance in the savings account upon opening your membership with us, so be sure to bring your $5.00 so we can go ahead and reserve your share at our credit union! This is a limited time offer and will only be honored for the remainder of the 2017 calendar year. So come down today before the opportunity passes and become part of the 1st NRV family!

DISCLOSURE: We are not required to give memberships to applicants who do not pass our screening program for new accounts due to fees, charge-offs, or any other discrepency with another financial institution. You are also required to provide legal documents proving you are who you say you are. So be sure to bring your driver's license, social security number, and all of your current contact information to ease with the account opening process.

1st NRV FCU's 80th Anniversary Celebration!


Saturday May 6, 2017: Annual Board Meeting


 This year marks yet another milestone for us here at 1st NRV. We are proud to be celebrating our 80th anniversary as a business!

This year, for our annual board meeting, we will be holding an election for two of our board positions. So make sure to come down May 6th and speak your mind! At 1st NRV FCU, your opinion matters to us, and we want you to be involved with your community credit union.


Membership Activation Program (MAP)

The Merger was a Success!!!

We are pleased that NCUA has approved the merger of First  NRV  Federal Credit Union and Carroll County School Employee's Credit Union. The effective date of the merger is January 1, 2017. With this merger the members in Carroll and Grayson County's will have access to a number of new services. We look forward to the continued expansion into a new community and with that, the ability to bring new services to a number of people who we believe will benefit from the services of a credit union over a bank for their personal financial needs. We are so pleased that the members of CCSECU were happy with the opportunity to merge and have been so helpful in working with us to make this dream a reality. None of this would have been possible without their help, and we are excited for the opportunity to work together and achieve something even better!

Information of Insurance

Take advantage of the different types of insurance that your community credit union offers today! Click the link below for more information, or call us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you all!

The Difference: Credit Unions vs. Banks

What is the Credit Union Difference??


Banks vs. Credit Unions Banks vs. Credit Unions bb3 May 11, 2015 By Staff Writer (function(){ var po= document.createElement('script'); po.type='text/javascript'; po.async=true; po.src=""; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po,s); }) (); Share Email Print Banks and credit unions may seem very similar, but these two financial institutions serve customers in slightly different ways. Know the difference between banks and credit unions so that you can determine which works better for your needs. What Is a Credit Union? A credit union is a nonprofit, member-owned cooperative that provides financial services to its members. Credit unions focus on saving and borrowing, but they may offer other common banking services. Credit union membership is based on a certain field. These membership fields can be occupational, associational or geographical. If you qualify, your first deposit also counts as your first purchased share. This makes you a member and partial owner of the credit union. You might choose a credit union if: You or a family member qualifies for the field of membership. The rates and fees are better for your budget. Your financial needs are relatively basic. Not all credit unions offer advanced financial planning or online financial tools. What Is a Bank? A bank is a commercial entity that offers deposits, withdrawals, savings and loans. Banks generally have bigger budgets, as they are for-profit entities. This allows banks to offer more conveniences, such as multiple ATM locations. Banks do not require membership, though some require a minimum balance to have an account. You might choose a bank if: You prefer mobile and online banking. These services are not always available through credit unions. Your financial needs are complex. For example, if active investing is your passion, a credit union may not have the resources you need. - See more at:

Help Stop Data Breaches

Stay in the know! Don't let poor security practices lead to a breach of your own personal or financial information. Staying aware of the current risks of data breaches and how to better safeguard against them is the first step in protecting your information. The article below is from Cuna Mutual Group, and it has loads of useful information that will help to better protect you and your information!

Customer Satisfaction (ACSI): Again Rated #1

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ranks credit unions ahead of similar financial institutions in 2014, and has for seven years in a row. Credit unions significantly outpace all other financial services in customer satisfaction, which, for me, means that credit unions are American's best financial partner. Whether you're looking at service, value, loyalty or expectations, credit unions rank substantially better than traditional banks on every component

Retirement Plan Options

Retire at 118

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There is no worse feeling than realizing that you have not made the necessary steps to provide for yourself after you retire from work. Don't let poor planning snowball into a lack of planning entirely. Start planning today for your future by starting a personal retirement savings account. Besides, who really wants to work for the rest of their life? Come down to your credit union today to talk to one of our Account Specialists about the different retirement options we have for you!

Debit Card



Your MasterCard card will have new benefits. Effective July 14, 2014, benefits

will include Identity Theft Resolution Services. To learn more about this

valuable benefit, please call 1-800-MC-ASSIST (1-800-622-7747).

You can  also visit for a full description of the

new benefits and how to use them

Mechanical Repair Coverage

Is your Mechanical Repair Coverage about to run out on your auto? Or  maybe  it has expired. Dont be left to pay high repair bills. If your car is less than 12 years old and has less than 120,000 miles on it,  you can still get coverage. We have three plans from which to choose. Stop by and check it out. We can help even if you did not finance it here if you have already paid for the car or truck. We believe these are the best prices around for mechanical repair coverage..


Free Checking Accounts for Life


Are you sick of being charged endless fees for the simplest of reasons? Then come down to 1st NRV FCU to open up your free checking account today! Below is a list of all of our fees that we charge our members at 1st NRV FCU. Please see attached image for full list of fees and charges.